Tips on Car Key Repair

A small but powerful motor found in many car remotes is the source of most car key problems. Not all problems related to a car’s key or FOB are meant to be electronic, some of these are caused by physical damage caused to the switch itself. Repairs usually include removing the switch, lubricating it and putting it back in its place, cleaning off the terminals and soldering the new switch if one has been replaced.

Some common problems that may require car key repair include bent keys, damaged car keys or broken FOBs. In case of a bent key, you can have it re-inserted as many times as necessary until it is balanced and locked into place. You should use the correct tool for this: a specialized jubilee nail. Lubricating a bent key can also solve the problem and you just have to apply some penetrating oil after cleaning it and lubricating it.

Damaged FOBs are very difficult to replace and are not covered by any guarantee in any case. Car repair shops mostly charge more than 50 dollars for a complete car key replacement. If you want to have a functional FOB even with a damaged set of keys, then it would be best to buy a new set from a reputable dealer. Buying a new set from a trusted dealer can easily get you the best price for a new set of FOBs at half the price that you will normally pay from car repair shops.

With new sets of FOBs, there is no need to worry about damaged car keys and neither is there any need to pay for expensive re-gifts. Car repair shops will never offer a refund on replacement parts or for installing new FOBs. It is not like this for new cars. Many times, car owners complain about their car keys being damaged but it is quite an easy process to detect damage to a car key right away. For instance, if the lock mechanism is damaged, you will notice broken locks or if the door frame or door jam is damaged, you will most likely see those signs. There is also the possibility of seeing some signs of wear such as worn keys, bent keys or missing spring.

When you go for new key services, the first thing that the technician will do is to test the lock to make sure that it works. If you have brought your car keys with you, then you can just open them and give them a try. After the tests are done, the technician will ask you to fill out a warranty form so that they can insure your car keys against loss or damage. They will then install the new key and give you a new key to use until your warranty period ends. They may also install a device on your ignition in order to know when the new key is installed.

When it comes to auto locksmith, you must make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company and a legitimate technician. There are many fake auto locksmith companies on the internet that are only interested in making money and would not even replace car keys. This is why you need to research and find the best. Make sure that you are hiring a certified and licensed technician who has experience with auto locksmith. There are some ways to determine the legitimacy of a certain auto locksmith company by looking for the logo of the National Locksmiths Association or asking friends who have dealt with similar service.

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