A Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Center Offers Immediate Care

The Virginia F. and William R. Salomon Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center offer dynamic and comprehensive rehabilitation services to adult patients suffering from disorders of the joints, hips, legs, and spine resulting from arthritis. Through a multidisciplinary team approach that works in collaboration with the patient s specific goals, the Physical Therapy Center of Virginia helps its patients meet their rehabilitation goals. A strong reputation in the medical field for providing excellent, quality rehabilitation services, the center is one of the preferred rehabilitation centers in the area. Also referred to as a physical therapy practice, the center offers a wide range of services to its patients including: orthopedic assessments, occupational and speech therapy, physical therapy, athletic training, pediatric orthopedics, geriatric therapy, reconstructive surgery, palliative care, manual therapy and counseling. The Physical Therapy Center of Virginia offers the same quality of care with an expanded scope of patient care.

The Virginia F. and William R. Salomon Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center was established to provide its clients with the highest level of patient care in addition to leading the way in advanced physical therapy education and research. The center offers a variety of programs for those who suffer from musculoskeletal disorders resulting from accidents, trauma and disease. At the Center, physical therapists are equipped with the latest in technology, including the newest magnetic resonance imaging equipment. These technologies are used to help plan the rehabilitation of patients after orthopedic surgery, joint replacement and other surgeries.

To meet the needs of their clients, the Physical Therapy Center of Virginia performs numerous clinical trials, educational programs, seminars and workshops. They also conduct clinical trials, research and educational activities that focus on new approaches to treating traumatic injuries and chronic conditions such as diabetes and osteoarthritis. In addition, the Center offers its clients services such as alcohol rehabilitation, geriatric care, cardiac rehabilitation, psychological rehabilitation, sports injury, and bone growth and strength training. The Physical Therapy services also include the prevention and treatment of conditions that can cause debilitating pain and injury, such as osteoporosis, stress fractures and spinal injuries. The Center’s goal is to ensure a healthy lifestyle for patients through education and research.

The Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Center of Virginia offer a full range of chiropractic services for adults, adolescents and children. These services are designed to help improve overall body health and well-being, while reducing or eliminating long term and serious physical problems. Many of these problems are caused by underlying psychological issues. These mental health issues can be treated through chiropractic, physical therapy and acupuncture.

The Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Center of Virginia specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of low back pain. Low back pain affects an estimated 15 percent of adults in the United States. A majority of those suffering from this condition are over fifty years of age and are usually suffering from spinal skeletal disorders. Chiropractors in the state of Virginia are highly trained professionals who have the education and expertise to treat many types of spinal disorders, as well as other ailments that are related to the spine. They are highly skilled and qualified to provide diagnostic and treatment procedures for chiropractic and physical therapy. Chiropractors use a range of techniques including spinal manipulation, ultrasound, electric stimulation, balance training, and massage therapy.

Dr. Kane is a licensed chiropractor in the state of Virginia. Dr. Kanec is an associate professor at the Spinal Interventional Pain Clinic at Virginia Tech. In 2020, Dr. Kanec was chosen as one of the top surgeons in the country by the Wall Street Journal. In 2020, he was chosen as the editor in chief of Spinal Interventional Pain Clinic’s newsletter.

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